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Tips for Traveling by Plane

Traveling by plane has become increasingly complicated in the last few years. More restrictions, increased fees, and increased security can lead to stress and frustration that can detract from vacations and business trips alike. Here is a checklist of helpful travel tips for flying to ensure a (fairly) comfortable and easygoing journey:

  1. Know the airline’s boarding rules. How many carry-on’s are allowed? What’s the policy for large, bulky items? How will children’s car seats and strollers be handled? Plan ahead so that you’re not stuck with unexpected fees. Sometimes, shipping an item separately via a carrier like FedEx or UPS will be less expensive and require less hassle.
  2. Make sure your ticket has the same name as your identification. Plenty of people have encountered problems with their tickets listing “Jenny” while their Passports or driver’s licenses state “Jennifer.” Be sure to use your “official,” given name when purchasing a plane ticket – just to be safe.
  3. Double check your carry-on luggage the night before. Make sure you don’t have that stray, metal nail file in your Canyon_Blue_737-300_cropped_(4930883025)_(2)purse or pocket knife tucked away – forgotten – in your typical carry-on suitcase. Other forbidden items include matches or lighters. Pack your clear, 2 ounce liquids ahead of time and put them in sealed baggies before placing them in the carry-on.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing. Uncomplicated shoes – easy on, easy off – are a must! It’s also wise to wear clothing that doesn’t have a lot of metal buttons or snaps. Keep jewelry to a minimum, and don’t wear a belt with a metal buckle.
  5. Arrive early. If you truly want to travel stress-free, plan to arrive thirty minutes or more before the recommended arrival time. Consider potential traffic or construction pitfalls for your commute to the airport, as well as other, unexpected mishaps (like misplacing your passport or driver’s license at the last minute).
  6. Bring a light snack and drink, or purchase one before boarding. Chances are, the best you can hope for is a cup of water and a tiny bag of pretzels once you board the plane.
  7. Bring something in addition to your electronic devices to occupy your time. You never know when a tablet, smartphone, or laptop will suffer from a crash or slow connection. Be prepared with a real book or magazine.
  8. Be flexible. Snafus do and most likely will happen – whether it’s a cancelled flight or some other annoyance. The most important thing is that you arrive safely, so “don’t sweat the small stuff!”


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