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About Exact Insure

Why Choose Exact Insure


We are easy to reach and easy to relate to. After all, we live in your community. We know that being available and understanding your needs is very important.


It's simple. We're at your service. Ensuring your insurance needs are met to your satisfaction is our priority. This takes a team of professionals who thinks of you as a person and not a faceless corporation.


We pride ourselves on being up-to-date on trends, best practices, and legal matters within the insurance community. Naturally, we share this with you so you can have peace of mind.


We want to understand how your business has grown, what your current status is, and knowing your milestones for future growth gives us an appreciation and ability to look out for your best interests moving ahead.

Portfolio of Services

  • All
  • 401K Benefits
  • Auto
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Customized Benefit Plans
  • Dental
  • Group Medical
  • Homeowners
  • Individual Health
  • Life
  • Long/Short Term Disability
  • Vision



South Broad Ripple, Indianapolis
5915 College Ave
Suite 212
Indianapolis, IN 46220