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Legal Shield Provides Last Will and Testament at No Cost to Members

Executing a will is often the last thing any of us wants to do. After all, who wants to think about our own death? In addition, the cost of paying lawyers to draw up the documentation seems prohibitive to many.

However, in the event that the worst should happen, procrastination in this area could come at a great cost to the ones you love most. When a person leaves this world unexpectedly, the absence of a will often leads to money tied up in legal battles, children in foster care, and fighting amongst family at a time when they need each other most.

If you are a Legal Shield member, please remember that this is a valuable part of your Legal Shield benefit. You to-sign-a-contract-1-1236635-1920x1280received a simple questionnaire in your welcome packet, and can easily have a will drawn up by completing that booklet. In addition, you can consult your Legal Shield lawyers at any time with questions and concerns you may have regarding your will.

If you are not a Legal Shield member, but would like to learn more about how you can become one and take advantage of this excellent program, please contact Michelle Peters at

Ultimately, the presence of a last will and testament will provide you with peace of mind, and security for those you love most.

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